The New Year

Posted on Saturday December 29, 2012 at 02:44PM

 The New Year
A time to Reflect, Forgive, and Celebrate Renewal

The sun has begun its ascent in our skies since the winter solstice passed on Dec 21.
In cultures past that relied on food crops for survival,
this marked a time of planning and setting of goals for the upcoming fertile season of planting and bountiful harvests.
As New Year’s Eve draws near,
take time to sit down and reflect on your own bountiful harvest of the year past 
your accomplishments, moments of happiness and fulfillment, and times you were your best true self.
Write them down, and then celebrate the best of yourself!
Next, and this part can be more difficult…
take the time to reflect on the weedy aspect of your harvest;
times you perhaps were not at your best, acted unkindly, or without compassion,
and perhaps even hurt those around us,
or were hurt ourselves by another’s actions.
Take the time to write these down as well on a separate paper.
Then forgive yourself for your wrongdoings,
as well as those who may have hurt us.
Let them all go…
Lastly, as we prepare to start afresh in 2013,
jot down a few ways you wish to make changes,
what seeds do you intend to cultivate for the upcoming year?
Perhaps they are as simple as being kinder, to yourself or others,
or as lofty as embarking on a new adventure in life.
Writing them down helps to solidify them or make them more real or concrete, rather than passing flights of fancy in our minds.
In traditions past, the Christmas tree (or Yule log) was burned in remembrance & celebration of the past year.
Many plant species in nature require fire to germinate, to establish, or to reproduce.
Once you are done your reflections of the past year, and intention setting of the new one,
perhaps you too burn them, ready to start anew, free of encumbrances.
May you have a bountiful harvest in 2013!


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